The main objective of Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd. is “Respect and Satisfy the Customer” by providing the consumer with products of high and consistent Quality, Safety and Legality. All products are made under strict hygiene conditions, are healthy and safe for consumption, meet or exceed customer requirements and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

We accomplish this by adhering to our Food Safety & Quality Management System and operational methods that recognize food safety and quality and customer satisfaction as our primary goals.

We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our Food Safety & Quality Management System and our commitment to customer satisfaction by:

• Producing milk based products according to EU Directives, Cyprus Food & Drink Law and customers’ requirements.
• Satisfying Customer Codes of practice and requirements.
• Utilizing “specialized for the purposed” human resources and knowledge.
• Involving all the staff and utilizing their skills and abilities, providing training in hygiene, food safety and quality, production and control of methods.
• Investing in appropriate equipment
and methods of production and always adjusting these methods to comply with almost the most up to date international technological advances in our field.
• Participating in European Union and Local research projects for Food Safety and Quality.
• Using
innovation as a tool to meet our future goals.

Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd in order to ensure the applications above applies and maintains Key Process Indicators (KPIs) that dynamically help in the continual improvement of safety and quality of final products

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