Fresh Anari
A white, soft creamy cheese of a mild sweet taste. It closely resembles ricotta cheese and it is just as versatile. Anari is made from cheese whey with the addition of fresh milk or fresh cream and is a cheese very rich in protein.

It is only mildly salted and relatively sweet and is usually served for breakfast along with honey, jam or simply sugar and cinnamon. Makes an ideal filling for pastry’s, deep fried and topped with honey or sugar icing. Can also be used in cheese pies because of its mild sweet taste balancing the stronger more salty taste of matured cheeses. When Anari is externally salted and matured it acquires a different character making an excellent grating cheese for pasta.

Pasteurised whey (cow, goat and sheep), pasteurised cow's milk, salt
SERVING SIZE 1 slice (50g)
INFO Per 100g Per Serving % of GDA*
Energy 623kJ /
311kJ / 75kcal 4%
Protein (g) 7 3.5 7.8%
Carbohydrate (g) 3.5 1.8 < 1.0%
Total Fat (g) 12 6.0 9%
of which saturated (g) 7.4 3.7 19%
*Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
Storage and Handling: Keep refrigerated at +1°C ~ +4°C
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