Cyprus combines an excellent climate, fragrant vegetation, perfect environment for farming sheep and goats and plenty stock of natural salt. All these factors together with the recipe, technique, and experience of the cheese makers of Pittas Dairies, have created the unique ‘Pittas’ cheese, known by the Cypriots as Kefalotyri. In Greece ‘Pittas’ cheese could be named Graviera and be classified amongst the best sweet Graviera cheeses like the ones made in Crete.

Kefalotyri is a hard, natural rind cheese with a robust, rustic flavor and a great finish. It is made from sheep’s milk mixed up to 30% goat’s milk.
The cheese making of this fine product involves hard pressing of the cheese curd to remove the whey and then submersion of the wheels into brine for gradual salt absorption. It is then placed for three months in temperature and moisture controlled maturing rooms.

The exquisite Cypriot hard cheese is available in 8kg and 12kg wheels and individual vacuum packed wedges of 300g approximate weight. It has an outer layer, yellow to white colour and it is full of small holes.

In addition to Mild Kefalotyri, there is also Extra Mature Kefalotyri cheese which is matured over 24 months, an excellent graitng cheese comparable to Parmesan.

Pittas’ Kefalotyri serves as an excellent appetizer when thinly sliced and served with smoked pork/brochiutto and spicy merlot wine. It can also make a perfect meal with freshly baked bread and green olives. Combines with fresh fruits like figs, grapes and apples. It can also be used as an ingredient in soufflé and cheese pies.

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