Made in the centuries-old tradition, Halloumi has been a staple in the Cypriot diet for as long as there have been shepherds tending their folds in this classically beautiful Mediterranean landscape. A soft, springy cheese made from pure milk, with a unique taste somewhere between Kashkaval and mozzarella, Halloumi is more than just a cheese, it is an entire cuisine. You can slice it fresh- it’s perfect with fresh fruit, salad or a favorite wine. Grill it – it doesn’t melt, so it’s great for summer barbecues. Grate it- and pasta becomes more delicious or fry it – without the need of oil or butter and serves as a meat replacement.

Halloumi comes in four different varieties: Regular mixed milk halloumi, Halloumi Lite from mixed milk and only 12% fat, fresh traditional Halloumi made purely from sheep and goat’s milk and matured traditional Halloumi made purely from sheep and goat’s milk.

 Did you know that....

Just one slice of  any of Pittas Halloumi cheeses provides you with 1/4 of the Guideline Daily Amount of Calcium?

 Halloumi Products

Halloumi Standard

Halloumi Lite

Traditional Mature Halloumi

Traditional Fresh Halloumi

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