Anari cheese is a white, soft cheese produced from cheese whey with the addition of fresh milk or even fresh cream. Fresh Anari is similar to the Greek cheese Anthotiro and the Italian cheese Ricotta.

It is a soft whey cheese without an outer layer which can be produced with or without the addition of salt. It has a sweet taste with the distinct presence of milk proteins. It is a pleasant cheese that can be consumed either plain or in sandwiches, but most often together with honey, marmalade, carob honey or simply with sugar and cinnamon. Due to its sweet taste it is used as an ingredient in cheese pastries like the Cypriot dessert Bourekkia, and also in cheese pies by fading away the salty flavour of hard cheeses.

When the outer layer of the cheese is sprinkled with salt and left for maturation the cheese changes characteristics and has a sharper flavour (Dry Anari). It is then suitable for use in sandwiches, grated for pasta, ravioli and tomato salads.

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