Yogurt is one of the most ancient foods man knows. For thousand years it was considered as a basic food product in south-eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and part of Far East. Although there are no records regarding the origin of yogurt it is believed that it was first founded in the Middle East, in an area in Turkey or perhaps in Persia. Therefore, its beneficial influence on human health and nutrition has existed in civilisations for a long time.

People with moderate lactose intolerance can enjoy yogurt without ill effects. This is due to the fact that lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid by the culture bacterial leaving behind minimal amounts of lactose in the final product.The traditional Pittas sheep’s milk yogurt has been produced for decades and was the first yoghurt to be distributed all over Cyprus in the 50’s and 60’s. It is the perfect side dish for meals with bulgur, koupepia, gemista, as well as for kebab, souvla and dishes with tomato sauce like kolokasi, green beans and giouvetsi.

The PURE strained Pittas yogurt is made only from fresh milk with no milk powder or gelatine, no preservatives or chemical additives. It is a LIVE yogurt in the sense that it contains live cultures offering the human body all their beneficial qualities.
This pure yogurt with its smooth and creamy texture can be consumed with honey, walnuts and cereals, as well as with homemade marmalades as a light and nutritious dessert. Moreover, it can replace cream in various desserts.

Did you know... that yoghurt is a rich source of proteins that help to maintain and repair body tissues?

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